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Each day an old man walked along the beach, picking up starfish, that had been washed up on the shore by the tide, and threw them back into the sea..

One day a young boy stopped the old man and asked Why do you throw the Starfish back into the sea? It dosent matter. They will only wash up on the shore tomorrow. The Old Man bent over, picked up another and threw it as far as he could into the sea, and replied... it made a difference to that one.




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Humane Society of Scott County Indiana

is an all volunteer, Non Profit 501(c)3 organization, designed to aid the Animal Shelter in Scott County Indiana. We are not funded by any government agency, nor do we have any paid employees. Our volunteers, donations, and grants come from interested individuals such as yourself.

Drop By our Web Site Often to check out Updates, Up Coming Events, the latest News and of course, New Pets for Adoption. We are always looking for NEW Volunteers and can alway use donations of special items and money.


    If your pet is missing, immediately call the Scott County Animal Shelter at ...... 752-4380 the day you realize it is missing: then go by the Shelter at 3rd Street & Montgomery in Scottsburg and fill out a Lost Dog or Cat Card ..

Many people wait, thinking that their dog or cat will find its way back home and it could be at the shelter

Always Keep a Collar on you pet with it's Rabies Tag Attached , or some other identification tag, so that the owner can be contacted and the pet returned to it's owner. Another form of identification is to have your Pet Microchiped.


Cats are available at our NEW Adoption Center, located in Scottsburg at 1176 North Gardner, Scottsburg IN. and at the Scott County Shelter. Many of the Dogs and Puppies are in Humane Society Foster Homes and at the Scott County Animal Shelter.

Check out our Events Page for a schedule of Adoption Fairs and our Available For Adoption page for pictures and bio's on Southern Indiana Save A Pet.


Humane Society Adoption Center NEW Hours at: .

Our NEW LOCATION, 1176 North Gardner, Scottsburg IN, are .

Tuesday through Friday ...4 pm to 6 pm .

Saturday ... 1 pm to 3 pm .

Closed Sunday through Monday .

For More Information call us at 812-752-7500 and leave a message .

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Phone (812) 752-4380 if no answer leave message and call back