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One At A Time

Each day an old man walked along the beach, picking up starfish, that had been washed up on the shore by the tide, and threw them back into the sea..

One day a young boy stopped the old man and asked Why do you throw the Starfish back into the sea? It dosent matter. They will only wash up on the shore tomorrow. The Old Man bent over, picked up another and threw it as far as he could into the sea, and replied... it made a difference to that one.





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Donations from the Moose Lodge

A BIG thank you to the Women of the Scottsburg Moose Lodge for their generosity to the Humane Society of Scott County. The Moose is a great organization that has a great love for Scott County and we are appreciative.


Volunteer Help Needed



Warriorettes Game of Giving

Thank you to the Warriorettes for the donation of funds raised by the basketball scrimmage. We can tell these girls love their animals and we love the Warriorettes.


"Best Costume Contest" Hampton Oaks

The Hampton Oaks Pet Costume Contest 2018 was a great fundraiser benefit for the Humane Society and over 17 pets showed up for the fun. The Best Costume was won by Shelby Hale and her Husky, Sheba, who came dressed as Red Riding Hood and the Wolf! Sheba was actually adopted from the Humane Society of Scott County IN. about a year ago and has been a great pet addition to the Hale family. A shelter pet winning the top prize made the night even more special !


Community Foundation Grant For New Building


....Humane Society President Melanie Foster is presented a grant from the Scott County Community Foundation to help renovate and remodel their building which was purchased in the Spring of 2018.


Future Home of Humane Society


   This will be our new Home at 1176 N. Gardner in Scottsburg In.

The work is just Beginning..... A lot of remodeling will have to be done. Walls will have to be moved, windows installed, fencing put up in the back of the building and that's just a start. If you can help or donate please contact us at 812-752-7500.


2018 Spring Garage Sale


Great Fall Garage Sale for the animals. Will do it again in the Spring 2019 - See you then!!


Bake Sale At WalMart




Successful Fall Bake Sale at WalMart- Look for us in Spring with an assortment of breads and Holiday Treats!




   What an experience for this little gal! She had been running near the Speedway gas station and the motel area, scared enough that she wouldn't come close enough to anyone that could help her. Folks have seen her for a week or so scuttling back and forth across the roads and getting closer to the interstate ramp. Dog traps were set out to no avail. Business owners tried to entice her into their businesses but the dog steered clear. We don't know if she got lost from a traveling family or jumped out at a gas station.

    Yesterday morning, she darted in front of a van and was hit!! A bystander ran out into the busy road , directed traffic away from her, and he managed to get the little 15lb dog out of the road.

   The Humane Society was able to help and, after letting the Animal Shelter know the situation, took her to the vet where she was evaluated and put on fluids to help with the shock. She received stitches on top of her head. One of her ears was pretty well torn off, so the vets repaired as best they could and stitched her up.

    Day 1..was very "iffy" due to a probable concussion. Day 2,she perked up and is going to be just fine after a little "rest and rehab" time.

   All of this was made possible by the Good Samaritan who ran into the road, stopped traffic and literally saved her life. If no owner is located,she will be ready for adoption soon. The family who was responsible for saving her got together and came up with the name "Lily" - what a nice Easter name.

   Thanks to a Pedigree Grant awarded to us last year, we were able to provide for "Lily's" surgery and medical needs. THANK YOU, PEDIGREE!


Grant From SCCF



   Scott County Community Foundation board members Mike Everett and Chris Fugate present a check for the Humane Society, to volunteer Debra Selke. The grant was awarded from the Dr. William and Diann Scott Memorial Fund and will be used for medical care, spaying and neutering of cats and dogs in their care.

Family Video Function;

    A tremendous thank you to Family Video for hosting an adoption fair and fundraiser for the Humane Society, Saturday March 3rd. It was a great success with adoptions and lots of people coming by to drop off donations and see what was going on. In addition, Family Video raised over $300 for our cause. We so appreciate all the pet lovers in our community!

Jefferson Award;


   One of our transport volunteers, Kathy Ward,third from left, was honored last March for her volunteer work as a transporter with the Humane Society of Scott County In, by receiving a "Jefferson Award" at a luncheon at Indianapolis. CNO Financial which has offices in several different parts of the United States nominated 25 employees who do outstanding volunteer work in various fields and 7 of those's employees received the award as well as a monetary award for their particular volunteer interest.

   Thank you Kathy for your dedication to helping the homeless animals of Southern Indiana find new homes.

Vienna Elementary 2nd grade;

 Judy Deal and Melanie Foster, volunteers with the Humane Society of Scott Co. In., visited the 2nd grade classes at Vienna-Finley Elementary School Tuesday. They talked to the classes about the mission of the Humane Society and about pet ownership responsibility. Otis, the puppy and "Anton" a beautiful short hair cat, were big hits and the kids enjoyed having some close-up time with the pets.

   These young people are having a fundraiser for the animals and will be collecting all kinds of needed items for the animal shelter. They will taking these items on a field trip to the Animal Shelter where they will get to see more animals.


Scottsburg Family Video;


 Thank You For Wonderful Evening at Family Video "Pet Oscars" Where many people came to visit and love on the Dogs available for adoption.

 Many of their customers brought their own pets and had their pictures taken on the Red Carpet! Over $ 300 was collected to help medical needs in addition to pet food, cat litter and other goodies.

 We appreciate all the community support when it comes to helping us find homes and provide needs for the homeless animals of Scott County


2016 Transit Van For Transports

   It's official and paid for!!! We have a new Humane Society/SIsaveapet Transport vehicle ! It is a 2016 Ford 15 passenger Transit Van with front and rear AC, rear seats removed and drives like a charm. It is bigger that the last van and our maiden voyage carried 56 animals in it! That proved to be the largest transport ever, so we accomplished one of our goals which was to be able to send more animals to rescue in this new vehicle.

   There has been a bit of a learning curve because it is larger but those of us that have driven it have noticed there not being any issues and we have been able to scurry up the highways with no problems

   We can not thank everyone enough for all the financial support that caused this to happen. A great round of applause to Rover Rescue, Community Foundations of Washington IN., Jefferson County IN. Scott County IN. in addition to Madison Correctional Facility, Walmart-Madison, PetSmart-Geneva Il., CNO Services, Scott County Auto Center, Goin Postal, Our SIsave-a-pet Shelter Partners, individual past adopters through out Indiana & Illinois, pet lovers and supporters who all gave generously and graciously to this cause that means so much to many.

   It has been overwhelming to see what committed people can accomplish when they are passionate about a cause. We never dreamed that this would be accomplished in such a short time.

   Because of the people and organizations listed above, more dogs & cats from shelters have the opportunities to find "forever" homes and we continue to do what we do best - save lives.    We humbly thank all of you.


Annual Garage Sale Fund Raiser 2016 

On Friday October 7th and Saturday, October 8th, From 8:00am to 3:00pm each day, the Humane Society of Scott County will have their Annual Garage Sale Fund Raiser at the Beachwood Park Shelter House, in Scottsburg. Donations can be dropped off from 9:00am to 2:00pm Monday thru Thursday , Oct 3rd thru 6th.


Lexington Indiana Back to School Bash



Selling Lemon Aid for Homeless Pets 

Raising Money for Homeless Pets

These are the pet lovers of Tomorrow and look what they are doing already! Bentley Pulliam, age 6, with the help of Britain, age 5 and Meliah, age 4, set up and manned a lemonade stand at Grandma's country home yesterday. Bentley had his heart set on doing this to help the homeless animals of Scott County because he loves animals! They put it all together, sold lemonade and cookies and with the help of friends and Facebook, they had plenty of business. Total amount of money that they donated to care for the animals was $208.00. Can you believe it! Look what was accomplished when these young people had a "dream" and decided to make something positive happen! This is an exciting day for our community because these children will be our leaders tomorrow!!!!!


Vienna Elementary School Visit Animal Shelter


What A Great Group of Pet Lovers !!!

Mrs. McCoskey's Second Grade Class from Vienna Elementary School collected items and money during the month of February 2014 for the Animal Shelter and the Humane Society of Scott County to help care for all the Homeless Animals in Scott County. They studied about pet responsibility and what they could do to make things easier for animals that do not have homes.


Walmart Sponsored Bake Sale for Homeless Animals 

A Big THANK YOU to our friends at Scottsburg's Walmart who sponsored a bake sale fundraiser for the homeless animals of Scott County last week. They purchased lots of goodies with the proceeds and it turned into a "Christmas in March" for the Scott County Animal Shelter and the Humane Society of Scott County. Bleach, paper towels, kitty litter, kitten chow and cat food, puppy chow and toys were piled high on large dollies and presented to the organization. We appreciate Walmart and all the help they have provided to us over the years. What a great group of pet lovers!!

William and Diann Scott Memorial Grant 

Scott County Community Foundation board member Lisa Conder(left) gives a check for $ 6,481 to Kim Ragusa, Vice-President of the Humane Society of Scott County. The grant was made possible from the Dr. William and Diann Scott Memorial Donor-Advised Fund and is to be used for medical care, spay and neuter of cats and dogs which are adoptable.

Vienna-Finley Elementary Donation 

The students of Vienna-Finley Elementary school presented Melanie Foster (far right), President of the Humane Society of Scott County IN., with a check for $ 295 that represented proceeds from Popcorn sales for the month of February 2014. Each Friday, the students buy popcorn and a portion of the proceeds are set aside for a non-profit organization. Joining Melanie and students from the school is Susie, a beagle mix. She was able to be a part of the presentation at the school where the kids learned more about the purpose of the humane society and what it means to be a responsible pet owner. 

Shadow's New Home 


Shadow was with his foster home for over a year before it was discovered that he had an incredible talent for finding balls and an incredible focus for keeping them within his sight. The training company was extremely impressed and today he passed his interview with flying colors. Beginning tomorrow, two months of intense training begins before he heads out on his first "bedbug" search.



Check out Our Transport Van 

 We Finally Have A Transport Van

One of the Humane Society highlights last year was the purchase of a 12 passenger van which is on the road most weekends with animals heading to rescue or adoption fairs. The “pet mobile” van has 39,000 miles, front and rear air conditioning, cruise control and drives like a charm. There have been nice donations some of which coming as far as the Chicago area where adopters are thanking us for saving the lives of their new pets! Again, we have been fortunate and several of our sister county shelters had volunteers who made nice donations to help pay for the van . Many times animals from other counties are part of the transports going north, so the van has become important for all of Southern Indiana.

2004 Club Wagon

Click Here For More Pictures- 


New Cat Adoption Center Grand Opening

Our Cats Have Their Own Adoption Center

   After some remodeling, The Grand Opening of Our Cat Adoption Center took place on August 4th 2009

The Center is the Administrative Offices of Total Concepts of Design Plant #2 who have generously donated the area for our use.

The Cat Play Room is 16ft x 30ft, right off the lobby. On the other side of the Lobby are two large offices which were recently painted. One is used for dog and cat crate storage, and the second a ICU Unit for new cats brought in from the Scott County Animal Shelter for evaluation and quarantine before being released into the Play room.

The Adoption Center is open daily from 4:00p to 6:00p Monday thru Friday, and 1:00p to 3:00p on Saturday, Closed Sunday and some Holidays. If necessary special appointments can be made by calling , or emailing us.


A walkabout




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